Library Board

 The Wayne Public Library Board of Trustees and Officers
The Wayne Public Library Board of Trustees has seven members who are charged under New Jersey State law with overseeing the operation of the library. The composition of the board is 5 citizens from Wayne who are appointed by the Mayor for a 5 year term. The Mayor and the Superintendent of Schools are permanent members of the Board, they may appoint alternates to serve in their place.

President - Roberta Loniewski 
Vice President - Joanne Falcone
Mayor - Chris Vergano
Mayor's Alternate - Scott Seldeen
Secretary/Treasurer - Catherine Herman
Supt. of Schools - Mark Toback
Supt. of Schools Alternate - Nicole Gibbs
Council Liaison -Jill Sasso (1 year term)
Trustee - Nicholis Agelis
Trustee - Gabriel Nazziola


Library Director - Ricardo Pino

Assistant Library Director - 

HR Coordinator/Administrative Assistant - Doron Vidal