Support Your Library!

Help us to get Funding for our libraries in New Jersey! Contact your Senators today!
 Public libraries are the most widely used town and county resource. Yet, the majority of public libraries are facing budget cuts which could lead to shorter hours or fewer programs.
Public libraries in particular, are a democratic equalizer open to all and providing access to information that helps people improve their individual, family and community lives. Also, today, libraries function as community
centers, often providing services that people cannot get elsewhere. Therefore it is more important to invest in libraries to continue to support lifelong learning for our communities. The significant funding of libraries comes from the federal government.

However, once again, the White House budget proposal for FY 21 wants to eliminate federal funding for libraries.

Because Members of Congress rely heavily on constituent feedback to determine funding priorities during the budget cycle, the American Library Association is urging all of us to email our senators – Sen. Robert Menendez and Sen. Cory Booker – to show support for American libraries!